£29? That’s alot!

£29? That’s alot!

Santa Zoom Call Price

Yesterday I put an ad on Facebook.

Now Facebook Ads is not my area of knowledge at all! In my normal children’s entertainer life my bookings all come from my Facebook page, Google and mainly word of mouth, recommendations and people seeing my at shows before.

Because Santa Zoom Call is such a new thing I decided to try a Facebook add to just reach people that might not know about what we are doing!

And it reached lots of people and we had lots of clicks and a bookings and so all should be good right?

Well one person chose to comment on the post saying they thought it was expensive at a time when people are struggling. It kind of upset me because making lots of money is not the aim of the game for me with this project. I wanted just to write about our pricing a bit in case anyone else was feeling that way!

Now everyone has their own opinions on price and what represents value to them! I understand that and I also know that people have go different amounts of disposable income they choose to spend in different ways.

I also know that there are probably cheaper ways to get your children a video of Santa. From the outset i wasn’t going for cheap I was going for quality. A unique and personal experience that will be a highlight of Christmas. That’s why I’ve bought multiple cameras, lighting and backdrops and secured the real Santa, not just me or my mate dressed up in a suit!

Things are different in 2020. We knew we could provide Santa Video UK people could trust to provide a magical experience. We have multiple people to pay, we have sourced high quality, interesting present packs that we need to package, post and pay for and there are lots of other costs associated with have a high quality website that people can trust.

I know it won’t be for everyone but I just don’t like the idea of anyone thinking we are ripping people off!

Lastly we certainly aren’t anywhere near as dear as some!

And if you don’t believe me have a look at these two:

Zoom Santa Australia
Zoom Santa America

When you look at those £29 doesn’t seem so bad I don’t think! And they don’t send you a gift in the post!

Add to that the fact that each extra child is just £10 so four children would work out at less than £15 each! We really do think we’re providing great value for money this Christmas!

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